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2007-2008 Nissan 350Z Injen Cold Air Intake System

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2007-2008 Nissan 350Z Injen Cold Air Intake System
2007-2008 Nissan 350Z Injen Cold Air Intake System2007-2008 Nissan 350Z Injen Cold Air Intake System
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Item #SP1987
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Injen has finally released the long awaited SP1987 SP series cold air intake system for the Nissan 350z dual throttle body vehicle! (Part# SP1987) After months of extensive R&D we are confident to say that the Nissan 350z Injen Cold Air Intake System is by and far the best system available for the Nissan 350z, offering the largest power gains and also a true cold air setup.

The Nissan 350z Injen Cold Air Intake System also features Patented Air Fusion technology, which stabilizes both short and long air fuel ratios. This is how Injen was able to produce over 16hp at the wheels on the Nissan 350z, better than all of the competition!

You purchased one of the finest vehicles Nissan has to offer, so why would you settle for anything less than the best modifications? The Nissan 350z Injen cold air intake will satisfy your needs.

What Makes Injen Intakes better than their competition?Not only are all Injen Technology Intakes made in the USA, Injen cool air intake systems feature MR Technology, developed by Injen to maintain safe air/fuel ratio and highly efficient tuning. Injen also does extensive dyno tuning and r&d before releasing an intake, unlike many other companies who take an "if it fits, use it" attitude to aftermarket intakes.

New Level Motorsports is an Injen Direct Authorized dealer.

This item fits all 2007-2008 Nissan 350z dual throttle body models and is Part# SP1987

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Product Reviews for 2007-2008 Nissan 350Z Injen Cold Air Intake System

Introducing a colorful peace of mind.

Ever worry about water getting into your cold air intake system? For that added protection during those unsure moments, Injen Technology’s HYDRO-SHIELD PRE-FILTERS are race proven material manufactured from highly durable polyester. Uniform micron openings allow the filtering of debris .005” or larger. The HYDRO-SHIELD PRE-FILTERS are factory treated using an embedded hydrophobic process, which offers consistent airflow, water repellency and maintains horsepower gains. (Please note that this item is water repellent, not water proof).

Basically, the Injen hydroshield is a water shield and prefilter for your air intake system. It will allow air through and block water and large dirt particles, protecting your car and keeping your filter cleaner.

Key Features:
- Hydroshield Available in RED, BLUE, BLACK
- Water Repellent Outer Coating
- Consistent Air Flow
We get this question all the time… Which Injen Air Filter should I pick??

Here at New Level Motor Sports we like to provide you with options. That’s why we are one of the only Injen retailers who gives YOU the choice as to which Injen filter you want: The Injen Oiled Filter (K&N Style) or the Injen/AMSOIL Dry Filter.

Injen Intake Systems are available with two different kinds of filters: Dry and Oiled. The Injen Oiled filter is a K&N Style filter. It is a pleated filter that features 5 layers of filtration. It allows for significantly more air flow than OE air filters. The filtration rate on oiled filters is over 98%. Oiled filters need to be cleaned periodically (every 10-20k miles, depending on the conditions you drive in) and will need to be reoiled after the cleaning. You can purchase a cleaning kit from an auto parts store, or we sell the cleaning kit here on our website.

The Injen/AMSOIL Dry is an oiless filter that can be cleaned with a shop vac, which makes cleaning much easier than the oiled filter. The filtration on the dry filters is over 99%, so they are slightly more efficient in terms of filtration.

There is no difference in horsepower or torque between the wet and dry filters. The main difference is your personal preference. Some people love the oiled filters and others love the dry filters. Either one is going to work fine and they are 100% interchangeable (if you have a dry filter and later want to replace it with an oiled filter or vice versa you can do so).

We recommend the dry filter over the oiled filter due to its ease of cleaning and slightly better filtration. Also, with a dry filter you don't risk fouling your mass air flow sensor by over oiling an oiled filter during cleaning.

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